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Rope climbing

84 lines, 200+ routes, new routes every day.



Quality bouldering wall with modern landing zone.
New boulders every week!

climbing courses

No experience with climbing?
Our qualified instructors will guide you through the necessary courses and introduce you
to the vertical world of fun.


children and schools

Do you want to organise an unforgettable
birthday party for your child?
Are you planning a special day out
or teambuilding for your class?
Would you like to come regularly
for climbing lessons?
Or just spend quality time with your child.
We have it all.

gear rental

No own gear yet?
No problem!
We will be hapy to rent everything you need.


climbing shop and bar

All the necessities of climbing,
climbing fashion, small gifts and guidebooks.
Browse through our shop and find what you need. Good coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks, we will be happy to serve you.

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gift vouchers

Looking for a gift that makes sense?


team events

Spend some fun time with your team.



We are constantly thinking about new services.


Download the ASCENDO app and be up to date on our routes

we are your climbing gym in the centre of bratislava


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1450 m2 of rope climbing area

Wall surface: 1,450 m2
Max. height: 12 m
Max. overhang: 9 m
Profiles: vertical, slightly overhanging, overhangs, roofs, arrets, cracks, slabs, profiles for children
Routes: Routes are set in one colour, which makes orientation easy and offers the possibility to follow own performance advancement by climbing certain routes 

No. of rope lines: 84

No. of routes:  200+  at all times. New routes are added and old ones disappear every day

Use the ASCENDO app to be up to date on all our routes.

11 Autobelays

Autobelays enable you to climb safely even without a climbing partner, or extensive belaying experience. Short instruction and reading of guidelines placed directly on the wall suffice for you and your children to climb safely. 

Vertigo has currently 11 autobelays available. They are easily recognisable by large yellow triangular sheets located at the bottom of the relevant lines.  

At the time of your first visit, ask reception for assistance. Our staff will show you the location of autobelay units and explain their functioning.

Kids Corner

Beautiful climbing kids corner with climbing walls for children, soft landing zone, a large slide and trampoline.

Children can present their works of art on a large chalkboard available in the area.

Just like in all parts of Vertigo, here too, children must be accompanied by an adult person at all times.

320 m2 of bouldering

Climbing surface: 320 m2
Max. height: 4.50 m
Other:  state of the art landing area, add on mats, interesting holds, structures, 45° training profile, free standing boulder 
Extras: large campus board, pull up bar, hangboards, TRX, bosu, fitballs, weight vests, medicimball, complete set of weights
Bouders: 40 + boulders set in one colour, regular boulder setting every Monday (we use a 4 colour grading system – from the easy yellow, through blue, red to black, the hardest ones)  

Rope Climbing

Rope climbing represents a wonderful way how to regard the world from high up.

Profiles variety in the respective Vertigo sectors provides enough room for beginners, weekend climbers, experts and children alike.  

To make it all easier for you, we set routes in holds of one colour. Difficulty of routes is defined in the UIAA grading system – i.e. the lower the number, the easier the route. We start from 4. 

Most of the 1450 m2 of climbing surface reach a height of 12 m. We have a gallery with lower, 8 metres high walls. There, top ropes and autobelays are installed on all lines. This makes the gallery into an ideal place for beginners and children.

However, we also have a beautiful colourful profile with animal holds for children. And maybe for adults too.

Top ropes are also available in other places around the centre. They may be used by all centre visitors, just like autobelays.

Two sectors feature overhanging profiles. However, this should not discourage anybody. Easy routes on huge holds can be found here too. Should the vertical walls be occupied, it is time to start with overhangs.

Current information on routes, climbs, route evaluation by other climbers, or own training diary – all this and more can be found in the Ascendo app used for routes designation. Just download the app into your smartphone and start using it. 


Climbing Centre Vertigo also offers a 320 m2 bouldering wall.

Profiles cover the entire spectrum – from slabs and vertical walls, through slight to large overhangs. A 45-degree wall is a must.

The free standing boulder mostly features easier, playful problems.

Most of the bouldering area is set with boulders in one colour. To keep it interesting for you, we reset one sector every week.   

Our grading system consists of four colours – from the easiest yellow ones, through blue, red to the hardest black boulders.

Modern mats and add on pads will make your falls  comfortable. However, care and spotting should not be omitted, since the best mat cannot take a head first fall from 4 metres. 

Gear Rental

No gear of your own? No problem. You can rent everything necessary.

Basic gear necessary for climbing includes climbing shoes, harness, belaying devise (provided you area already trained in belaying), possibly chalk and helmet.

Climbing partners with significant weight difference are recommended to use ohm, a devise we also have available in our rental section. 

Shop and Snack Bar

Our shop is small, but it offers everything you need for climbing – basic gear from climbing shoes, harnesses, through all the hardware, chalk to ropes.  

We also feature climbing fashion, since it is not enough to be a good climber, you also need to be a good looking climber.

Good coffee makes any day brighter. Soft drinks and snacks and fresh cakes every day – find it in our snack bar. 

Gift Vouchers

Are you looking for a gift that makes sense?

Gift vouchers in various value may be used for the purchase of any services and goods. 

Team Events

Would you like to spend some time together as a team and you already tried everything?

It is time to try something new.

We will prepare a custom made program for you 

and our qualified instructors will make sure you spend fun and safe time in our centre.  


We are constantly thinking about improvements. Here too, a new offer may appear soon.