climbing prep 3 - 6 years olds

 € 12.00/60 min

Climbing is a very varied type of movement. As such, it is very beneficial for the improvement of fitness and coordination levels. It fosters correct posture, movement apparatus development, sense of balance and range of movements. Climbing develops movement phantasy, offers new movement formulas, improves orientation, differentiation, understanding own centre of gravity.

Climbing also addresses cognitive, emotional and social aspects in a way rarely encountered elsewhere. Examples are overcoming of fear, the ability to trust, or solve and overcome problems.

However, do not expect your little ones to immediately climb seriously. Especially with younger children, we spend more time with general sports activities, rather than serious climbing.  Gradually, children will be able to spend more and more time in the vertical.

Training structure includes both dynamic and calming activities, games and independent climbing.

The courses are led by trained and experienced instructors. You do not need to worry about anything, just enjoy your free time (children above the age of 3 train without the presence of their parents). 

Disregarding any studies, scientifically or realistically confirmed positives of climbing for the development of children – most children really enjoy their time in our centre and leave happy and with a new experience.


When Do We Train

 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 15:30 – 16:30 and 16:30 – 17:45

There are no trainings on bank holidays and during school holidays.

We recommend you choose 2 training days per week (choose them separately in the schedule).


Organisational Info

One training lasts 60 or 75 minutes depending on the time you sign up for. 

Children above the age of 3 train without the presence of their parents. On arrival in the centre, register at the reception and leave your child with the trainer. We urge you to be on time with picking up your children after the training, since the trainers continue with other lessons.  

Children need socks, or some house shoes and comfortable light clothing. Children run and move a lot and tend to get very hot.

In Vertigo, food may only be consumed within designated areas. We are trying to protect our mats and carpets. And most important – mouth full of food or chewing gum is not a friend with sport.

When moving around the centre, please respect our Gym Rules, especially prevent your children from entering the landing zone. 


Form of Payment 

The entire semester is paid in advance to account No.  SK46 1100 0000 0026 2619 1741 or directly at the centre reception on the day of the first training. When making the payment, enter the name of your child in the comment. You will be informed about the cost of your course via e-mail.   

Should you join the course later into the semester, you will only pay a proportional part of the course fee.

Should you sign up for the course, but miss one or several first lessons for some reason, it is not considered late entry and there is no entitlement to proportional course fee reduction.

Missed Lessons

One day before your lesson, you will receive a reminder e-mail. Should you be unable to participate in the lesson, you have the opportunity to sign out of that lesson until 19:00 of the day preceding the day of the given lesson. You have the possibility to find replacement lessons for any lessons you sign out of according to the rules. To see dates and times with places open for replacement lessons, sign in  into your profile and select the desired lesson. We are not able to guarantee the replacement lessons due to full occupancy of courses. Therefore, we urge you to use the sign out functionality. You create places for replacement lessons for other children. 

Only duly signed out lessons create entitlement to replacement lessons. The entitlement to replacement lesson seases with the end of the current semester, i.e. replacement lessons cannot be claimed in the following semester.  

How to Sign up

Sign up below. In reply, you will receive a confirmation e-ail and organisational details.   


How to Sign Out of a Lesson 

sClick on the “Sign out/Replacement Lessons” button in the “Coursees for Children” banner in section “COURSES”

 and sign out of a selected lesson.

You can select your replcement lessons immediately when signing out of a lesson, or at a later stage. We do not guarantee the availability of replacement lessons. 

Early signing out provides us information on the number of present children, which has impact on training planning. 

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