(from the age of 6)​

“Creating top elite climbers means teaching the kids to love climbing and movement in general.”


€ 15.00/training

From September 2014, we offer new training possibility for children 6+ under the umbrella of Vertigo Kids led by two of our most experienced instructors – Marko and Kubo Mižičko. They are trainers with extensive pedagogic and trainer experience. They cooperate with an expert on physioclimbing (the use of climbing as therapeutic method for some disfunctions and disbalances of motive apparatus), as well as with the Slovak Climbing Association JAMES.

The trainings are designed for children ages 6 to 15. Kids are divided into groups depending on their skills. The principal credo is the maximum possible individual approach to children, developing their personal experience using playacts in the presence of an adult trainer in interaction with a group – climbing for fun. 

 Within our trainings, we focus on a whole range of climbing disciplines: starting with bouldering, through lead climbing to rock climbing, provided the weather and season enable this.

Trainings take place from Monday to Friday. In a group, there are maximum 3 kids per trainer, which enables more focused work and children can enjoy more quality time.

Vertigo Kids is an independent organisation providing trainings for kids within the premises of Climbing Centre Vertigo. Thus, any questions, applications, payments, … are to be directed to  Vertigo Kids. Should you be interested, complete the contact form below. You can also call Marko directly at 0915 747 164.

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